Hardware Floor Refinishing

When it comes to hardwood floors, Pomona nails it!

Bring Your Hardwood Floor Back to Life!

Hardwood floor refinishing is a great way to bring any room back to life and enhance the overall beauty of your home. Over time foot traffic, moving of furniture, kids and dogs running around will wear down your hardwood finish. When the finish becomes worn, refinishing them will not only restore their natural beauty, but will protect your investment in your home by extending the life of the floor.

You may also want to uncover hardwood floors that are covered by tile or carpet. After the removal of the covering, a hardwood floor restoration and refinishing will be necessary to refresh their look or match them to the uncovered hardwoods you have in your home. It may also require replacing some of the flooring that was damaged by the coverings. Whatever your needs, Pomona Hardwood Floors is the only call you need to make for hardwood floor refinishing and bringing your hardwood floors back to life!

Refinishing Your Floors...

Pomona uses the latest techniques and equipment to minimize dust and the impact on your home while we work. It’s always best to cover furniture and belongings whenever you’re refinishing or installing a new hardwood floor, but rest assured the impact will be minimal as our equipment has low dust emission. When refinishing we’ll sand down about 1/32 inch to expose a smooth, clean surface. We’ll also use a filler to repair any damaged areas that sanding can’t remove.

We work with highest quality stains to achieve a stain color of your choice. We also offer bleaching and pickling for a natural light/white look on light colored woods like pine, oak or ash. Prior to staining the whole floor, we apply stain samples so you can see what various colors look like. Whatever color you desire for your hardwood floor refinishing, Pomona Hardwood Floors will help you achieve it.

Pomona Hardwood Floors uses the industries best and most reliable water based finishes. They are fast drying, low-odor and low vocs finishes that enhances and protects your wood floors. With these finish, most floors require 3 coats with a one hour dry time between coats. The floor is then ready for foot traffic within 24 hours.

Oil based polyurethane is also also available, although they have a much higher voc and dry time is much longer. Most floors require 2-3 coats with 12 hour dry time between coats and foot traffic recommended after 24-48 hours.