Hardwood Flooring Installation & Repair

When it comes to hardwood floors, Pomona nails it!

Pomona Can Handle Your Hardwood Flooring Installation and Repairs

Pomona Hardwood Floors can help you from selecting and purchasing your hardwood flooring to installation and repairs. We provide straightforward installations as well as custom hardwood installation based on your design and specifications. When you work with Pomona your floor will be one of the centerpieces of your home!

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Hardwood Flooring, Details and more...

Nothing warms up and accents a room like a professionally installed hardwood floor. When you work with Pomona your hardwood flooring will be installed with an eye for details. You won’t need to worry about seams lining up and the selection of colors so your floor’s variation will be perfect.

If your home doesn’t have hardwood flooring throughout, it’s important to work with a professional team that understands how to install the transition from one type of flooring to another. Pomona Hardwood Flooring brings decades of experience in installations in homes of all sizes, ages and styles. Our team will ensure that transitions from hardwood to tile or other coverings will be smooth and look seamless fit with your home’s style.

Looking to add a unique deal to your hardwood floors? How about installing a border feature that will define your space and add a design feature that’s unique to your home? Pomona Hardwood Flooring will work with you to design and install a border within your floor that will add the perfect “Wow!” feature to your home.

From checkerboard to hounds tooth to two-tone flooring and more, Pomona has the skill and experience to design and install any unique pattern you can imagine. We take our time with patterns to ensure that seams are tight, lines are straight and that your vision for your floor will come to life!